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Scream and cry

Categorie: Verdrietige gedichten
Geschreven door:  - Ingezonden op: 24-1-2006 23:39

Sometimes I want to be a bird,
So I can fly high in to the sky.

With the wind trough my hear.
And the sun on me head.
So I can forget all the things that make me sad.

And when I am a bird I will fly to a place
Where there are no other people but only me.

So I cant scream and cry so loud as I want to
So I can cry all the tears out of my eyes,
The tears with so many pain, the tears that never come out before.

And the scream thats sitting there so long
The scream of so many pain
The scream of anger
The scream of being afraid
The scream of being so lonely
The scream of help me

But I can't be a bird,
I can't fly
So the tears and scream are never come free

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