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Remember the words from my heart ..
I'll always say the truth ..
Even if you don't believe ..
My heart is always from you ..
Even if you think i'm lying ..
You was my number one ..
Some people say you aren't..
But I want you for ever in my arms <3

And know my dream is gone..
My dream to have you forever is flying away.
Away to heaven.
Sometimes I have a feeling are love is gone.
And when I feel that.. It's just like my heart breaks..
And stops with beats.
You don't know how I'm feeling.. You think I'm hurtless..
Well 'gues what.. My feelings are away.. And you say when you read this; Yes.. I have it right..
But no you don't.. my feelings are away because of you.
You have my heart breaks in a 100th pieces.
Yeah iknow.. I blame it on you.. blabla.
Think straight.. Don't blame things on other people..
Accept you.. yourself.. Before you get a girlfriend.
You don't have to change.. Just be normal.. Be like you always be..
I don't want you as you are now.. I just.. Don't want you at all.
In the begin you was cute, and fun.. But now? that's all gone.
You changed. In the different way boy..
Go back to your old life.. Don't stay at this..
You won't past the future when you act like this.
People are not the same way.. But the way you are?
It's not ment to be with me.. You get it?
How many times I must say to you.. Go on with you life.. I'll pick up mine..
But no you don't..

Well, I would go back to you..
But I just don't want to.. You always say.. You like an other person blabla.
Look at yourself when you blame me for things. It's not always me. It more you.
Don't say your sorry. Because I don't say it either.
You are just a little piece of my brokenheart.
And that piece never comes back. I'll trow it away just like trash..
You mean nothing to me anymore. Don't complain..
Dont'talk about me again. It's never gonna be the same.

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