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You're always there to listen
When I'm feeling down
Someone I can turn to
For a smile when I frown.

You always know just what to say
to get me feeling glad
And I in turn help you, my love
when You are feeling sad

We've had our times when we have not
exactly seen eye to eye
And times when I was so upset
we almost said goodbye

but i know this much is true, my love
I'll love you forever more
It's taken time, but now
you have finally opend up the door

to my heart....

You know my deepest secrets
Stuff I'd rather not tell
To anyone but those who know me really well

I can't help but think
That we'll meet face-to-face some day
And untill that day comes, I will wait
And never look away

the sun is shining bright
And the stars will point the way
soon I'll hold you in my arms
We'll be together soon.... Someday

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