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Boris, I miss you.

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You could always make me happy
and you could always make me smile..
But that was only for a while,
because now you're away..
Why didn't you stay?
Why are you gone
and left me so alone?
All of my memories keep you near
and in silent moments, when I'm alone
I imagine you here.
I imagine that we are together again,
that you make me laugh again
and that you make me again the happy girl I really am.
Because without you,
I'm not myself..
I'm not that happy girl I used to be,
but that is not what the people around me see.
They see a happy girl with always a big smile on her face,
but they don't know the broken girl behind it.
That girl just misses her pony,
that left her now so lonely.
Because that pony could always make her happy
and could always make her smile,
but that was only for a while..
Now is that pony gone
and left her so alone.
But then she realizes..
That that pony is in a better world now,
in a world without pain.
And that can make her really laugh again.
Then is she again that girl she used to be.
And then I'm really me.

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